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Mr. Streit

Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

3319 N. Clifton, Chicago, IL, 60657

Junior High Social Studies

Classroom 204


The Hawthorne Scholastic Academy Vision

In this literacy magnet school, Hawthorne students will be INTRINSICALLY MOTIVATED to pursue opportunities for learning. They will be CREATIVE, INDEPENDENT THINKERS and PROBLEM SOLVERS, able to satisfy their quest for knowledge through all forms of COLLABORATION and COMMUNICATION. Hawthorne students will CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO THEIR LOCAL AND GLOBAL COMMUNITY through their awareness of socio-economic and cultural diversities.

The Hawthorne Scholastic Academy Mission

Hawthorne stakeholders will maintain a safe, inclusive learning community that supports the needs of all learners.  Students will develop critical thinking within an academically challenging, inter-disciplinary, literacy-rich environment that promotes student-to-student discourse as means for learning.  Hawthorne students will be provided with leadership opportunities and diverse cultural experiences.


Absent/Late work: Students are responsible for all assigned course work.  Students should visit the Homework Calendar and then locate the specific assignment from the specific Units under each grade level.  Work not turned in because of an excused absence is due the next day of school. Work turned in late without an excused absence will be demarked using the following policy:

  1. 1st day late = -1 per 10 points (10%)
  2. 2nd day late = -2 per 10 points (20%)
  3. 3rd day late = -3 per 10 points (30%)
  4. 4th day late = equals a Zero in Gradebook
Assessment Retake Policy: One grade below a 70% on a formal assessment (Test, Quiz, or Unit Exam) may be retaken per quarter.  The maximum replacement retake score is an 80%.  
Printing:  Students are responsible to print all course work for themselves.  Please do not email Mr. Streit requesting him to print for you.  I apologize if this is an inconvenience, but as a reminder you can print before and after school in the Computer Lab and/or the Library. 
Technology in the Classroom:  I support the apporiate use of technology in the classroom, with the key word being approriate.  Students are allowed to bring in the personal computers, but will follow the 3 strikes rule.  If a student is caught using the technology inapproriately on 3 different occassions, they will forfeit this benefit for the entire year.  Additionally, there will be no debates on this or the student will forfeit 2 strikes.  
  • HW = homework 
  • WS = worksheet
  • EC = extra credit
  • NH = no homework
  • COMP = composition books
  • HF = History Fair 
  • BCB = Blue Constitution Book
A = 100 - 90
B = 89 - 80
C = 79 - 70
D = 69 - 60
F = 59 & below 
50% - Assessments FOR Learning 
(Examples: Homework, Student Discourse, Class work, & Writing Process)

50% - Assessments OF Learning
(Examples: Quizzes, Tests, Unit Exams, Portfolios, Read, Write, Dicuss & Major Projects)
Chicago (We Can Change the World)
Graham Nash (Songs For Beginners)